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Människan är lätt att kontrollera och manipulera för dem som styr vår värld, de har all kunskap om naturlig lag, de har all kunskap om våra vår psykologi och fysiologi, de har kunskap om våra svagheter, om hur vårt undermedvetna fungerar, om våra största rädslor och använder denna sammantagna kunskap i syfte att kontrollera oss och få oss att agera precis som de önskar och vill.

En av de mest effektiva metoderna de har för att påverka oss är att spela på människans grundläggande rädslor, dvs. de djupa, underliggande rädslor som styr våra liv. Dessa rädslor är starkt sammankopplande med varandra.

Den fösta primalrädslan är rädslan för mörker. Denna rädsla är kommen från den tiden när mörkrets inbrott och frånvaron av solen kunde utgöra en fara för en människans överlevnad.

Den andra primalrädslan är rädslan för rovdjur (förövare) rädslan för att bli jagad och bli ett byte.

Den tredje primalrädslan är att bli övergiven, att bli lämnad, att bli exkluderad från flocken/gruppen/familjen.

Den fjärde och sista av dessa primalrädslor är rädslan för kaos.

Här följer ett längre citat från Mark Passio där han mer ingående beskriver dessa rädslor, hur de används mot oss och vilka konsekvenser det har fått.

“Know thyself and you will know the Universe and the Gods. To know thyself is what ultimately opens up all of the vistas of possibility within the field of potential in which we all exist and by knowing oneself we empower ourselves. So we have to look at our own dark aspects of our own subconscious mind which is our deep-seated fears. This is what our controllers have understood for centuries, again they know it much better than we do. One of the main reason they know this is because they are incredible well-read people. In a twisted way, they also have care, they care about what they are doing, they want to manipulate people, they care enough about it to do it and then they do it. So in a way they are not torn, they are not in duality consciousness – as they think, so they feel and so they act albeit in a psychopathic fashion. But the universe will respect unity over duality, it will respect dark care over no care, that is why they are so successful and that’s why we are basically continuing to be conquered. It is a paltry minority of people that do understand any of these methodologies let alone all of them.

Exploitation of our primal fears by the hidden manipulators of consciousness on this planet and to do that we want list these fears and then explain how these fears are deeply interconnected with each other. Ultimately they are all interwoven into a fabric, they are all interwoven and essentially in many ways work as one.

The first and primal fear it is entrenched and in rooted into the psyche of mankind is the fear of darkness. It is one of the most ancient embedded fears in our consciousness, the fear of darkness. The absence of the sun

The second primal fear is the fear of predators, the fear of being preyed upon, of being attacked, of being hurt physically. Most people do still live their lives in fear of this. The controllers, those who want to manipulate people based upon such fear know this well. They know that when given the chance the vast majority of people will choose a form of control (a control directed at them) rather than choose a form of discomfort. An example would be most people would willingly hand over constitutionally protected freedoms rather than have terrorist run amuck among us. The fear of being preyed upon, of being attacked, harmed is preyed upon itself by the controllers by manipulators they’re going to grant you your safety but you will have to pay something in return for it. And it will always, always 100% of the time mean a reduction in your freedom. The controllers know that most people are fearful and cowardly and instead of taking on a problem they want someone else to solve it for them. So we create whole controller classes to control those who we didn’t raise properly by instilling any moral values when they were young and the irony is that the controller class is among them, it’s from that very group, they haven’t had any true moral values installed in them, they are just looking to control someone because they are psychologically inadequate, they want to take that out on somebody externally, they do anything but look inward and face the problem, anything but look inward and change what you do not like.

Hand in hand with the fear of predators and darkness is the primal fear of abandonment, the fear of abandonment by that Alpha male father, the protector from predators. Because that represents having to do deal with the predators or oneself, anything but that, anything. And in the modern word that equates to – we might have to raise our young morally ourselves, god forbid. Because we do not what to live morally, we’re going to teach it to your young people we’ll just have the controller come in and take of any acting up.

People will not develop courage, so she looks for a controller (government, order follower) to be her protective father courage is action in spite of one’s fear.

The fourth primal fear is the fear of chaos.
But it is control that leads to chaos, because it is based upon fear and fear leads to confusion, we lash out and try to control and ultimately what that creates is chaos in the world. We have chaos now in a converted form.

What does these four primal fears have in common? All forms of these fears are completely associated with survival. The instinct to survive is the strongest instinct in the human species. Every one of these fears, the fear of darkness, the fear of predators preying on us, the fear of the protector type abandoning us or the dominator or controller type abandoning us, and the fear of chaos breaking out. These are the deepest seated fears in the human psyche. They are all based upon our desire to continue to survive and that’s ultimately what a controller is going to base in sorcery upon, the fact that it knows that you will trade anything for survival.

The controllers have gotten people to swallow all of their control methods based upon exploiting these four fears all because they know all about the deepest underlying human instinct of survival.”


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